“I Am Busy, Won’t Reply Vector Anymore” – MI

Popular rapper and record label executive, MI Abaga, has said that he
will no longer speak about his running battle with his colleague,

Both artistes had been at each other’s jugulars for some time, releasing ‘diss tracks’ to drive their respective messages home.

when Saturday Beats contacted MI, he insisted that he would no longer
speak on the issue. He stated, “I have said all I have to say on this
matter on Instagram and I wouldn’t be making any statement again. I am
busy with other things. For the next couple of days, I would be shooting
music videos and travelling.”

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Calls and messages put through to
Vector were not answered, but his publicist, Tunde Badmus, told one of
our correspondents, “It is not a publicity stunt. We are not fake
people. We only go for genuine things. This issue started with the
recording they (MI) did, in which they were throwing shades at us. But,
we did not say anything. They then did another one, and that was like
dragging our name in the mud, so we had to respond. Meanwhile, Vector is
still working on replying MI. He asked for it, and he is going to get

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On if there could be a reconciliation between both artistes
in the near future, Badmus stated, “I doubt if MI is going to apologise.
This is hip hop and it has always been like that from the inception. If
there is going to be an apology, it might be through a song; I don’t
think it would be direct as such.”

Meanwhile, a PR executive with
Chocolate City, Aisosa Okundaye, maintained that the inscription, ‘No
Snakes’ on MI’s shirt to the BBNaija finale was a message. He said, “It
is primarily what it is— a shirt. As for the message on it, if anybody
believes the message is for them, they should catch their ‘sub’. People
walk around with shirts that have different inscriptions every day.”

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also stated that neither the fans nor the media could bring an end to
the ‘beef’. He added, “I don’t think the fans, media, or anybody else
can make that decision. It is clearly an MI and Vector conversation to
have. We are always just going to be spectators from the outside. On the
‘Viper’ track, MI said Vector could go ahead to do whatever he wanted,
but he has addressed the issue as best as he can. Whatever Vector says
now is up to him, MI has left the conversation.”

Source:- Punchng

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