How To Get A Job In Nigeria Without Connections

How To Get A Job In Nigeria Without Connections

Connections mean that you have to know someone in an organization or
company to gain favor for a particular request. We have believed
connections to be the only way to get a job in Nigeria. But this is a
myth that is not true. There are many ways to get a job without your
parents being a big shot, or trying to get into your uncle’s company
because you are related to him.

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Follow through these tips that will help you ace that dream job:

Package your CV/Cover Letter Well

This has to be the first thing you must have when searching for a job in Nigeria. You need to make sure that your CV or Cover Letter is up to scale and packaged well. Many job seekers in Nigeria make the mistake of adding irrelevant things like their primary school education, the “ability to work under pressure” term and more.

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You need to make sure your CV does not exceed one page because many HR personnel going through them have so many CVs to go through. Make sure you go straight to the point in your cover letter writing creatively the specifics of what they required. Only add the work experience that applies to the work that you are applying for. This will help you gain an advantage amongst the many candidates applying for your job.

Use The Internet To Your Advantage

There are many job opportunities flying across various job searching platforms and social media on the internet. If you search through these platforms and send out your applications to 30 places, about 10 places should get back to you for an interview.

Also, you must have a Linked-In profile with your skill-set, volunteer experience, and work experience. LinkedIn is a very rich social media platform where networking and job opportunities are available. You also get to learn from top-notch professionals in various fields and even the CEO of the company you aspire to work at. Also, attend events and network with people. You can sell yourself during this period and can get an opportunity. The only connection you need for this is simple, just your internet connection!

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Sell Yourself During Your Interview

After you’ve sent out those applications to various companies, it is
only normal that they get back to you for an interview. This is the
final step in your job search that will determine if you get the job or
otherwise. It is very important that you don’t feel intimidated and you
are very confident.

It is normal to get to your interview and see other candidates that look better than you in terms of looks and even on paper with better qualifications. But you ensure that you believe in yourself and show your interviewers you are the best man for that job position. Interviewers like candidates confident in their skills and capacity to deliver and are also comfortable when they speak about themselves. Make sure you know the company, her values, employees and practice prior to your interview. You can ace that interview just right and get that job without knowing anyone and just charming your interviewers with your capabilities.

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With these things properly done, you will get that dream job of yours. You don’t need connections but you must ensure that you constantly develop yourself so that these companies see your value and want to employ you. Also, in trying to sell yourself, avoid over-exaggerated scenarios that will bring high expectations beyond what you can deliver so you can maintain your position. Happy Job Hunting!

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