‘How Lagos Hotelier’s Son And Friend Drugged, Gang-Raped Me’ – Lekki Rape Victim

Lekki rape victim has narrated how the Lagos hotelier’s and his friend
drugged and gang-raped her, which led to an outrage that got them
arrested. The Lekki rape victim who gave her testimony in court on
Wednesday, revealed that the Lagos hotelier’s son Don-Chima George, and
his friend, Olusegun Rasak, drugged and gang-raped her invited her to
Kabaal Nightclub, Ikoyi. However shortly after her arrival, they laced
her drink with a substance that made her weak and took her to the hotel,
where she was repeatedly raped and videotaped.

She said,
“Initially, I did not want to go; I was hesitant. I told Chima, but he
insisted I come. He also said his birthday was a few days away and he
was to celebrate it. I agreed since that was not the first time we had
gone out together as friends; so there was nothing out of the ordinary.
He asked me to meet him at the Dallankester Hotel and from there we
would move to the club. When I got there, Segun was in Chima’s room
already and I waited a few minutes for everyone to get ready. We left
the hotel to go to the club. We got there and nothing out of the
ordinary happened. While at the club, around 4am, I told Chima that I
was tired and wanted to go home. Chima gave me a glass of
Hennessey mixed with Coca-Cola to drink and that was the only drink I
had at the club before dropping Chima  off at the hotel.

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I felt
Segun’s dreadlocks on my body. I remember trying to push him off as he
was touching me. He was touching my breasts and I could feel another
pair of hands on my thighs. I blacked out and came up again a second
time. I could feel somebody fingering me. I knew I heard Chima’s voice
but I couldn’t recall what he was saying. I felt myself being penetrated
again. I tried my best to say no. I believe it was Chima who penetrated
me again because I heard him asking if I was awake after all of that; I
blacked out again. At that point, I knew both of them had had sex with
me. I could feel my private parts sore; I knew that a sexual act had
happened. When I woke up, Chima was in the room with me; he was sitting
on a chair opposite the bed. He was on his phone. I asked him what
happened the previous night and he said nothing. I asked the second time
and he said nothing happened. I asked him straight if we had sex last
night and he said no; I told him that if we didn’t, why then were my
pants not on and he kept quiet.

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