How a chance meeting at a funeral led to love and marriage (photos)

When Nedu first met Kachi, it was at a funeral in April 2015. However, the sombre surroundings did not prevent an attraction growing between them.

Nedu and Kachi engagement photos

Nedu and Kachi in the throes of love.

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Nedu says they exchanged Facebook ids that day, thinking they would just be friends. But, for a year, it seemed that they had reverted to mere acquaintances with nary a chat exchanged between them.

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In February, Nedu decided to give her a call. And that was the day Cupid trained its arrow, found its mark and let go. The arrow wedged in straight and true.

Nedu and Kachi engagement photos

“Your love lifts me higher and higher. “

The two lovebirds soon got engaged.

Their first step in becoming truly one will start with their traditional marriage on November 4 at the bride-to-be’s hometown.

Nedu and Kachi engagement photos

“River of love, flow, flow into our hearts and make us whole.”

Kachi is from Ideato North in Imo state and Nedu from Orumba South, Anambra state.

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The groom-to-be, who sometimes go by his professional name, Bluemoon, is a photographer. Kachi, a gospel singer, is in her third year in the university.

Nedu and Kachi engagement photos

Love in the jungle.

“The future is untold but hopefully, our union is already blessed till eternity,” Nedu says.

For their pre-wedding photos, they chose a “village” theme. Each photo portrays the co-operation and unity the couple infuses into their relationship.

Nedu and Kachi engagement photos

“Together, forever and never to part.”


Obviously, going the photos and their love story, their union is indeed one for the ages.

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Nedu and Kachi engagement photos

“I see our future in the stars.” Weddings wishes them eternal love.

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