England manager Roy Hodgson has told Leicester forward Jamie Vardy, that he’ll play wherever he is deployed.


And while Vardy has played mainly on the wing for England, his Leicester City teammate, Kasper Schmeichel believes he should be given the central forward role.

However, Hodgson does not seem to be moved by his impressive record of 11 goals in 11 matches and wants to keep him grounded.

The ex-Liverpool boss told reporters: “When you have only played two games, you are in no position to go to the coach and say, ‘I will play for England but only in this position’.

“That is the point I am trying to make.

“I am just trying to defuse hype and make one very important point which is very, very obvious to anyone who has been following England for a long time. That is: An England shirt is a very valuable commodity.

“I think Jamie Vardy can play in any of the front three positions.

“Jamie has only played a couple of games from the start. He should be happy at the moment a) to be in the squad and b) even happier if he makes the team.

“His job, I think, should be definitely to try to convince that he has got the ability to play as a forward in an England team and not get too hung up like some people if he only plays here [in a certain position].”

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