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It’s been 12 hours since Big Brother paired BB Naija 2018 housemates Lolu and Cee C together indefinitely and the internet is bursting with comments and reactions from viewers who are either crying out in outrage for Lolu’s sake or celebrating Tobi’s emancipation.

Last night Big Brother decided to punish Lolu and Cee C for breaking the house rules and also breaking the harness that tied them together. Big brother was angry that they did not seem apologetic so he gave them two strikes each and paired them up indefinitely.

Viewers took to social media to speak their mind about the pairing, some even going as far as saying the decision was made so that Tobi would be free from Cee C.

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 Read viewers tweets about the pairing.


Biggie, pairing Lolu n CeeC is like forcing a victim of domestic violence to be patient and tolerant with their partner. Wrong! #BBNAIJA

— K-SOLO (@OBAKSOLO) February 15, 2018

Your Big Brother be breaking his own rules. And we are suppose to spend our money to vote? 😂 This show is a scam that went to Harvard. See how they saved Tobi and Sacrificed Lolu like a lamb? #bbnaija

— NomaLanga🇿🇦 (@NandiphaMagaqa) February 15, 2018

Lolu needs to get out of inside his head a lot more. You don’t play a game like this like you are preparing for a job interview.

— JJ. Omojuwa (@Omojuwa) February 15, 2018

To save Lolu from CeeC we should start a campaign…. Biggie should upair the HMs and let them play individually. ..RT till biggie unpair them #bbnaija

— #bbnaija (@darian_pedro) February 15, 2018

Big Brother might shoot themselves in the foot this season with this pairing game. The strategy is a sham and might cost them. Punishments should be meted out individually cos with this strategy your favorite housemate might be going home with your least loved..not good #BBNaija

— Dotuncoolfm (@iamDo2dtun) February 16, 2018

#BBNaija, stop this Lolu this ,that, him and Cee C deserve the punishment.. They were childish..don’t have patience..everyone endured theirs

— Adaobi (@tessyada7) February 16, 2018

#BBNaija pls what does it mean when you say #justiceforlolu.lolu and cee c refusal to move against each others will was wrong.

— Cfantastic (@OhiriClinton) February 16, 2018

The damn show is a scam! I can’t stand and watch lolu being pair with that thing called Cee c..hw on earth BB came up with that after double strikes??? Hmm I smell a fowl play there #justiceforlolu #BBNaija

— Ben Dave (@bendave01) February 16, 2018

#BBNaija Lolu will be voted for along with Cee c until they get back to they original partners, but there’ll be low chances of them being nominated because HMs saw the whole video and know who’s on the wrong. Cee c has her own issues, even the blind can see that, she mad crazy!!!

— LGR (@Lebohang_Gr) February 16, 2018

They’ve taken Cee C from Tobi so we don’t hate him cause of her #BBNaija.. and Lolu is a big threat cause he’s smart

— Quemoxie (@moxiestar1) February 16, 2018

Since a partner’s offense affects the other partner, then the strike should have been… For Loto and Ceebi. Not Lolu and Cee c. If so, K Brule should have been striked alone. Pairing Lolu to Cee c from Monday is unnecessary#BBNaija

— Massive Gang (@M_G_Nation) February 16, 2018

Both of them broke the rule, Lolu refused to move and Cee c wanted to seat down and they both dragged the bond and it got broken. Did biggie told them to not sit down? They were supposed to work together as a team. They both deserved equal punishment. #bbnaija

— Don Buddy (@sequencemusicng) February 15, 2018

Cee C didn’t deliberately hurt Lolu, it was Karma that got Lolu for being so childish. It was an accident and biggie better talk to Lolu to behave mature.#bbnaija

— Don Buddy (@sequencemusicng) February 15, 2018

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