Abuja is the capital of largest economy in Africa. At the 2006 census, the city recorded a population of 776,298 making it one of the ten most populous cities in Nigeria. Abuja has witnessed a huge influx of people; the growth leading to the emergence of satellite towns such as Karu Urban Area, Gwagwalada, Lugbe, Kuje and other smaller settlements.



Besides the effects of rural-urban migration for a better life, the federal capital territory attracts up to 5,000 NYSC members every year out of which 70% of new migrants to the FCT are 1st time visitors with poor knowledge of its terrain.
In pursuit of a better life, most people in the FCT depend on the public transport system to move around the city. Their safety while using the public transport system becomes a thing of luck.
Most unsuspecting passengers have fallen victim to in-cab robbery popularly called “one chance” while unlucky female victims get raped in the process.
At CoTrac Nigeria, we have built a new brand for Taxi management that restores safety to passengers at affordable rates and better daily profit returns for vehicle owners who have invested in the transport sector.
 So the question becomes are you interested in generating revenue for that idly parked vehicle? Do you have a vehicle that is just parked at the house without being used? Well there’s good news!!! CoTrac Nigeria can generate money for you off that vehicle while also solving a prevailing problem in the public transport sector. How?
We offer vehicle owners N48, 000 monthly throughout the tenure of the rental contract. Our choice of drivers is deliberate to give all our passengers quality experience while using our service.
We work hard to protect and give a better service to our passengers as these vehicles would come equipped with the latest satellite technology allowing us have an aerial view of activities of all Cabs under our management from our command center.
There are also considerations when you refer your friends to bring their vehicles for this service. An advocate fee of N5, 000 monthly throughout the rental period would be given to you.
Chat with us on Whatsapp or call (08065550080) to get started or visit www.cotracnigeira.com for more details.

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