A man caused quite a stir at a car dealership when he came to by an SUV and offered them 100,000 coins.

The Chinese man said he accumulated the coins and did not realise that he would have problems changing them into notes.

Man buys SUV with coins

The Chinese man was unable to change his coins to notes

After the bank refused to help him change them to notes, he simply packed them all to the car store and asked if he could pay with his coins.

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Man buys SUV with coins

It took the staff 12 hours to finish counting the coins

The sales staff agreed but was soon utterly shocked when they saw the amount of coins he brought. It took four sales staff a total of 12 hours to finish counting the coins which were over 100,000.

Man buys SUV with coins

The coins were over 100,000 and four staff had to sort them for counting

Would you sell something to someone who brings that much coins as payment?

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Interestingly enough, this is not the first time something like this happened in China. A year ago, a man used 660,000 coins to buy a brand new car. See video below.

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