Over 70% of everyone in a relationship mistake secrecy for privacy and this is one of the major reasons why most relationships don’t stand the test of time.

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These days, people keeps dirty secrets in a bid to save their marriages instead of telling their partners so as to avoid even more bigger problem.

As a man, if my fiancee tells me something horrible about her post, I might be unhappy at that particular moment rather than me getting to know about those horrible past from someone else.

Telling your partner who you’ve dated is cool if he cares to know or asked for it because you never can tell if he will get to hear it from someone else out there and this will be so much dreadful than you telling him personally.

Men are basically the most jealous being on earth but we manage to keep it in check due to the hard way men are grown. To be sincere, men’s jealousy is the most deadliest but regardless, we have enough understanding to overlook some situations sometimes.

Any one who loves you will love you unconditionally regardless of your past.

Now, here’s a question for you all 👇

Few Days To Your Wedding, You Realize Your Best-man Is Your Fiancee’s EX – Will The Wedding Still Hold?

We want you all to absorb the question, think deeply about it before having your say about the situation.

We look forward to reading your comments

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