The rate at which ladies take selfie is alarming. Some of them put themselves in harm’s way simply because they want to update their social media pages and look good for people to see.

Ghanaian actress in auto crash because of selfie

Yvonne Nelson

The first thing you should be conscious of as an individual is your safety and security. If you fail to do that, you may not live to see whether that picture you were trying to take trended or not.

There are so many ladies in the society whose priority in life is to always look good for the camera. These are the girls that are always eager to take pictures in a new environment as soon as they see the potential of the new place.

We understand the fact that looking good is good business, we also know that ladies love to slay everywhere they go. However, you should never lose your focus while trying to achieve this.

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While taking a selfie on the road or beach may strike you as an interesting idea, do not let the photographer in you die by drowning or getting knocked down by a car. You should observe your environment first before taking out your selfie stick and swinging into action.

Ghanaian actress in auto crash because of selfie

The Ghanaian actress being assisted by people

The video in this post will show you the kind of danger you could be putting yourself in by taking a selfie on the road side. The Ghanaian actress in the video was too busy focusing on her selfie game that she did not hear the approaching tricycle. Even after being knocked down, she still took pictures as she needed to keep her fans updated.

This is the attitude of many people in real life situations. As funny as it is, you will be shocked to know that some people will still stick out their phones to take pictures after they have been knocked down by a vehicle.

Ghanaian actress in auto crash because of selfie

The Ghanaian actress being raised after the crash

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The selfie game craze is so bad people would rather take pictures of themselves at an accident scene without trying to rescue the accident victims. We hope you will have a wonderful time watching this video while registering the life lessons to be learnt there in your minds.

See the video below:

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