Jeans Carnival

With over 1 Billion pairs worn worldwide every day, and over 100 years of its fascinating history and sustainability, the only better way to celebrate its exact inspiration is to present JEANS CARNIVAL.

Jeans Carnival

Lovers of creativity, this is your call! Let us unite our passion and celebrate lifestyle!

This festival is a socio-intellectual awakening of the young at heart and like-minds.

Let your creative thinking win you prizes of honor as you compete for:

  • Most Corporate Jeans Wear
  • Most Creative Jeans Wear
  • Best Jeans Costumes Expression
  • Best Designer Jeans Collection
  • Best Civilized Hot Bum Short
  • 2015 Jeans Personality of the Year

Private brands are not left out! This is an opportunity to create additional brand awareness and also appreciate your loyal customers by inviting, supporting and participation in this global idea!

For enquiries, call 08033349015, 07038821770.


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