A recent report placed Nigeria in 3rd place as regarding the world’s most terrorised nations, stirring questions as regarding the safety of Nigerians.

Global Terrorism


The Global Terrorism Index report, place Nigeria 3rd in the list of most terrorised nations in the world.

Life expectancy in Nigeria is at a low which has got many troubled, for many Nigerians, the uncertainty of leaving their houses and not returning stirs them in the face daily.

The fears of these Nigerians that live daily with hope that the next minute is not their last, is founded on the fact that they could be killed by either of these 6 people.

1. Boko Haram

Without a doubt, Boko Haram has become really fierce, following several years of terror attacks which has claimed the lives of thousands and left many homeless.

Boko Disaster 1

Boko Haram has continued to attack, though the Nigerian army has reclaimed almost all territories the jihadist had under their control.

Though the Nigeria army has fought dauntlessly to deal a fatal blow on the sect, still the terror group has continued to carry out attacks, and this time indiscriminately.

Suicide bomb attacks have continued in some areas within the Northeast and people fear that the group could strike at just anytime.

2. Niger Delta Militants

While the Boko Haram sect has left some parts of the Northeast unsettled, militants within the the Southsouth region have given many within the Niger Delta region, cause to fear for their lives.

The militants are of the opinion that their fight is a right course to give back justice to the region, however, their actions have proven to a great extent to be detrimental to the Niger Delta people. This is because, when the Nigerian military comes raiding, it is not only the militants that get affected.

There have been several cases of the wrong persons being arrested or killed in the course of military actions against the militants. Also actions like blowing up gas lines and vandalizing oil pipelines, have also not been in favour of the people, as the source of livelihood is threatened, a situation which could further lead to the death of the people.

3. Fulani Herdsmen

This group is keeping the heart of the nation beating too fast as Nigerians do not know where exactly to classify them. With several attacks on different communities across the nation, many Nigerians have lost their lives to these marauders.

Plans and bills are being passed to keep the herdsmen in check, still every now and then, there are reports of attacks on communities where their cattle are still grazing.

4. Police

The police is supposed to be your friend, but statistics show that the police has caused too many deaths of many Nigerians, even in recent times.

From stray bullets to all out attacks on crowds, the Nigerian police does not really make people feel safe, as many Nigerians are do not trust their judgement.

5. Angry Mob

Jungle justice is one very troubling phenomenon in Nigeria and it tends to be getting worse, in that a minor finger of accusation pointed in anyone’s direction, might be their death.

One would be surprised as to how many people have been killed in Nigeria, as a result of mob actions. There are too many examples to cite, and this growing concern tends to have nothing being done to bring it to an end.

6. Reckless Drivers and riders

Accidents are recorded daily across the nation, and reckless driving is said to be the cause of many auto-crashes that have led many to an early grave.

There are many reckless drivers and riders these days, many driving under the influence of alcohol, even in the early hours of the day, you find them stoned.

As the year draws to a close, one must be careful regarding those who drive the vehicles that conveys one to and fro.

The authorities must do more to check reckless driving and remove rickety vehicles from Nigerian roads, as well as repair the roads that need to be put in order.

Changing the narrative

It is true that Nigeria is faced with the challenges of terrorism, militancy, and other things that pose a threat to long life in Nigeria, however, these things exist in many other nations across Africa and the world at large.

In America, police violence and terror attacks exist, though not on the same scale as it is in Nigeria. Across Europe the scourge of terrorism is felt too and there are other factors that pose threats to life.

Hence, we cannot say that the Nigerian situation is beyond redemption, also the rate at which the negatives are reported about Nigeria, ought to change because Nigerians live a vibrant, positive and beautiful life; not all happenings in Nigeria are negative.

In the end we all die of one course or the other, we can only hope that ours will not be a violent death in an untimely fashion.

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