June 2nd will forever be remembered in the entertainment scene of Akwa Ibom as two historic concerts were staged in honor of two entertainment impresarios. One was Gift & Grace with Asteroid at Monty Suites, and the climax was ‘Yak Isagha’ (meaning Let’s Laugh) with Sir James at Cephas’ Place.

The two Entertainment entrepreneurs and showbiz personalities- Ekemini ‘Asteroid’ Bassey and Sir James Essien are amongst the most revered in this part of the clime, both of them have spent an average of a decade doing what they love and know how to do best, which in both cases happens to be very far from what they studied in the university.

Co-incidentally and interestingly, they share the same birth date of June 2nd, and were both nominated for the last edition of Niger Delta Advancement Award which was never held, with the need for them to be celebrated inevitable, Ntanta Awards came to the rescue with the organization of Akwa-Cross’s first joint celebrity and entertainment awards in music, media and movies with Asteroid grabbing Best TV show for his weekly show Muzik Alive on A.K.B.C and Sir James bagged the Comedian of the Year Award.
Here are the pictures of Asteroid’s Gift & Grace concert…

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