Wow! Wow!! Wow!! Wait a minute! You mean we have this kind of Magazine in this part of the globe? You wont believe this! This is a complete package for the family! Over the week, we received a copy of Family Essence Magazine and we think you need to know about it too! Here’s what LOVINA IBIOK– the Publisher of this masterpiece had to say about Family Essence Magazine.

Hello good people, this is LOVINA IBIOK introducing to you the magazine FAMILY ESSENCE. The word “Essence” refers to those fundamental qualities that make a thing what it should be, without which it loses its means or significance.

FAMILY ESSENCE therefore is a magazine which focuses on those salient qualities that make up a good family. It seeks to promote the ideals of the family and to remind us that after God, the next most important thing in our lives is our family.

In this maiden edition, we will look at some characteristics that define a family and the essence of family. Parenting is one very crucial aspect of the family. The desire of every parent is to raise godly, responsible and confident child/children. Here in this edition, we present a very important parenting question “How well do you know your child?”

Family Essence is multifaceted. It presents a holistic view of the family, dealing with issues such as banking, law and family, health, diet, fitness, recreation, good marital relationship etc.

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We ensure that this package is not just rich but safe even for our young children to read and learn a number of things.

We welcome you to FAMILY ESSENCE and hope you have a great time relaxing with the magazine.

The slogan of Family Essence Magazine is building the bridge, restoring the path.. if you ask us, we think with contributors like Blessing Moffat, Dr Idorenyin Udo, Chief Magistrate Helen Umana, Mr Nsidibe Peters, Mercy David, this Magazine is on it way to greatness!

The public Presentation of this magazine will come up within the month and we shall surely keep you posted on this! You need to grab a copy!! What did we say? “I need to grab a copy” [That’s you talking to yourself! Please do!]


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