Earlier today aq video went viral of BB Naija 2018 ex-housemates Leo and Khloe laughing at  Alex when she teared up after Leo got evicted from the house.

Now the two have reacted to the video, giving their reasons behind the jest, calling it a friendly mimicking and nothing more.

Khloe wrote,

“So I woke up to a video online with a caption from that I was mocking Alex last night.. really, that video was just me demonstrating how Alex was crying and it’s not what you called it. I love to mimic people a lot and I always do in the house. I mean no harm and I wish you all saw the full clips of the video. Alex is forever my baby and there is no bad blood here. Secondly. I was disqualified because of my pair and you guys know about it. In case you guys dint see the full clips too. Kbrule actually poured me pepper and called me a bastard, that’s why I replied like that. Those strikes are not mine. So why always trying to bring me down and call me what I am not? Disqualified cos of my pair strikes doesn’t make me a loser. I didn’t steal, dint kill or violate the rules. I was paired to someone who led us back home. Have a lovely day my lovers.”

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