Ladies, we all love our men, but to be honest,there are few things we’d love he does differently under the sheets isn’t it? Maybe sex has become a little boring and predictable.
There’s good news!! here are some ways to turn things around:
1. Drop your ‘sex-on-a-schedule routine’: Let’s say sex always happens at 6.00am the same time every week, reset his clock with a simple game. Tell him playfully that you re not having sex in the morning, but you’ll be ready and willing at any other time of the day. Don’t forget that men are competitive by nature, tease him a lot so he’ll be dying to prove that he can wait and get creative. Its important not to reject your partner outright. “The key is to reschedule not reject”.
2. Is he too tired?? Get him motivated: its not surprising that after a long day at work, you’re left staring at the ceiling, listening to him sweetly snore away instead of heating up the sheets. If your attempts at night time lovin’ are met with ‘I’m too tired’, then try giving him some more time to relax when he comes home: turn on the TV let him unwind, or just kiss and cuddle for five minutes before bedtime. I guarantee he won’t wanna resist you.
3. Focus on one thing at a time: Don’t attempt a sexual-180 in one night, that could leave him suspicious that you re unhappy with his performance. Instead, focus on introducing something new into your sex lives that will jump start passion like surprising him with a romantic get away to a hotel. He’ll be thrilled to get with the program.4. Take Control: If he’s not touching you in the right place or the right spot, take his hand and place it right where you want it. A little encouragement goes a long way too. While you’re gently guiding his hands, murmur stuff like “that’s feels great”. Women expect their husbands to instinctively know what they like, forgetting that men are no mind readers, so, give him a hint!

5. Break out of the missionary style thingy: Man-on-top can get boring pretty fast. Spice things up by taking turns in choosing positions and locations. He’ll be weak in the knees at your sexy choice of locations.

6. Relive the past: Every couple has memories of mind blowing sex at a special vacation spot (mostly during honeymoon). Sometimes just being reminded about it is enough to get your man back on track. Those good times you had, before the jobs, bills, and the kids came along. Taking a second or even third honeymoon won’t be a bad idea you know..

7. Increase his passion: Is he on the libido lowdown? Help him get over it with some amorous adventure like watching a movie together, or riding a bike together- anything that gets you clutching on him will get your guy in the mood, and things will start revving up.

Culled from Adam and Eve

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