The Germany Football Association (DFB) have condemned the inhumane cowardly attacks that rocked the city of Paris in France.


Shootings and Bombings happening in a coordinated fashion left 128 dead with 99 critically injured, with three dead at Stare de France after an explosion heard during the friendly between France and Germany.

The Germany team were kept in the stadium and spent the night, before flying back to Frankfurt on Saturday.

A statement released by the DFB read: “We came to Paris to do what connects us all – to play football, together, against one another and in friendship.

“To have an enjoyable evening together with our fans, to show sporting ambition, but particularly we came for a fair and peaceful encounter.

“We all looked forward to playing in the Stade de France, to have a great night of football, which ended up turning into a nightmare.

“It was a dull bang, which changed everything. It produced pictures that will remain in our heads for a long time. We spent the night doing a lot of thought-processing.

“We asked ourselves why something like this could happen? How is such inhumanity even possible? There were a lot of answers, but none that could explain these cowardly attacks.

“We lost a game of football on Friday evening. But nothing is as irrelevant as that right now.”

The DFB is scheduled to meet with the Dutch Football Association on Saturday to decide whether Germany’s friendly against the Netherlands in Hannover on Tuesday will go ahead.

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