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Many young people rarely use the Moringa plant. They perceive it as good for only the elderly. However, see how this special plant is actually beneficial to you as either a young person, pregnant woman, aged person or man/woman with sexual challenges. These testimonies after the cut have proved that the Moringa plant is something we all should have at home, at school, and as a travel item.

I want to share this with you because I have produced Day Farm Moringa for a couple of years now. These are my primary knowledge about this plant and experience from interacting with my customers.
First note these few things about Moringa leaf:
1.       You can actually use fruit juice and soft drinks to take Moringa Leaf powder and it will work very fine.
2.       Moringa Leaf Powder freeze dried indoors is the most effective (Day Farm Moringa is produced by natural air drying under room temperature – this is the best way to produce Moringa).
3.       Moringa is what you consume gradually. Sometimes it gives immediate result.
After taking Moringa for a while you may start noticing things like this:
(i)                  you now sleep long and uninterrupted
(ii)                You now recall things faster. Like if you read/study, you optimize better than before
(iii)               You experience improved sexual life as a male or female who are sexually active
(iv)              You will also notice that your menstrual pain has either stopped or greatly reduced
(v)                For the men chewing Moringa seed you must notice that you have improved sex life. 
I will select just few testimonies people told me from the use of Moringa. It kind of made me intensify in my promotion of the use of Moringa. I actually think a pack should be in each home just like you have salt. By the way if you do not know about Moringa leaf just Google it
What they told me:
1.       If I did not discover this Moringa I am sure I would have died by now. I was leaving on 15 tablets of drugs per day and my doctor kept telling me that my life depended on them and if I dropped any of the drugs I could drop and die suddenly. As I kept taking these drugs I was not feeling better. After I began taking this Moringa I suddenly began feeling better, at a point I felt so good that I had to go back to the doctor for check up, he laughed out and told me that I was greatly doing better and that the drugs were doing great and I must not stop taking them. What he did not know was that after two months of using this Moringa I began to drop those drugs and now he still does not know I have dropped all his drugs and living healthier. I am waiting for the right time to tell him to his face that it was not his drugs that healed me.
From a customer in V/Island
2.       My mother has not gone to church for years now because of her arthritisand she wasn’t putting on shoes. After she began taking this Moringa, like a miracle, she now walks by herself to the church which is some distance away from her house.
From a customer in V/Island
3.       I was heavily pregnant and my blood pressure was so high that the doctor told me he had fears for me because I was in the eight month (this woman in question was my neighbor so I gave her Day Farm Moringa leaf powder to use). She never liked it because of the taste but now she had no choice. She used it that night and the next day (as she was telling me on top of her voice (overjoyed)); she said to me: In fact after checking me the doctor asked me what I did and I told him that I took Moringa leaf powder and he said “madam whatever you are taking just continue taking it”. She even took more and gave to the pregnant women she met at the hospital.
Mrs T, Ikeja
4.      My mother often put some Moringa powder on her meals before eating at home. She made sure it was one of my essential provisions as I prepared to go to school. I never really knew how it worked until I had menstrual crampsand my usual pain killers brought no relief. Just one tea spoon of Moringa powder and some water in my mouth worked like charm!
I also took a tea spoon of Moringa powder every night – consistently for about 2 weeks when I had an ear ache and I can’t feel the pain anymore.
Honestly, it has become my go-to-drug for any kind of pain I have. And I am holding on to this essential unbelievably-affordable vegetable!
~ Sofia U., Nigerian student in New York.
5.       (From a lady who was in the university and had disturbing menstrual pains so I gave her a pack of Day Farm Moringa leaf powder to take to school). She called me and told me that the Moringa really worked for her menstrual pain and she was even surprised at its effectiveness.
6.       (From a man in his 50s). Each time I take this Moringa I feel better inside me.
A Member of Ikeja Gulf Club
7.       I had a sickness in my male organ(he did not tell me what it was) I have lived with the pain for years. This Moringa cured that thing totally. I now know it is a powerful and special plant.
E. N, Oregun.
8.       My elder sister died of a heart problem and now her first daughter is having that same sickness   and they started giving her the same drugs they gave her mother. So when I travelled last December I gave her half of the big jar I bought from you. After a while, by then I had returned to Lagos, I just said let me call her and know how she was doing, when I asked her about her health she told me that she has even forgotten she had such sickness and that before two months of taking the Moringa powder the sickness just disappeared and she has been okay.
Mrs O. Lekki, Lagos
9.       I had some issues with my heart so I went for a scan and I was referred to a specialist. My elder brother brought a pack of Moringa leaf powder and just advised me to try and take it every day for sometime before proceeding to the specialist – which I just did. By the time I took it for weeks I noticed that that pain had stopped. I continued taking it though I reduced, but its over a year now and I still feel fine. – But please if symptoms persist, please see your doctor.
Collins, Babcock University
10.   a particular man who did not satisfy his wife sexually once told me that after he started eating Moringa seed his wife one day ran out of the room for him during their sex time (he said it in a lighter mood in his office and we all laughed but I could notice the joy on his face). I have sold Moringa for many years now and most men have told me that Moringa in general was very helpful for their sex life.
Deji, Ikeja
11.   A lady (age 29 as at then) whom I gave Moringa seed to take home and eat called me and told me she had to stop eating it because it was making her want to have sex and that she was a virgin and single. I can’t really say much about such rare case of some women who noted to me that it increased their sexual desire.
12.   Since I have been taking this Moringa I have tremendously lost weight.
Uju, Banana Island, Lagos.
13.   I have taking this Moringa for two years and I have not had malariain two years.
Ambrose, Oregun
Please if symptom persists do see your doctor
Day Farm Moringa Products are at the Tea section in SHOPRITE and the Spar
People should have Moringa at home. It’s truly a miracle plant the white man calls it. A student should have it at school. Travelers should travel with it and mothers should find ways of putting it into the meals of their kids because children will throw it out if they taste it as it is.
To find out different ways to take Moringa and find out more, visit


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