Cynthia Morgan shares a picture of a woman nearly exposing her boobs.

Northside Entertainment act Cynthia Morgan is at it again.

After she received notable backlash online for sharing a picture of her holding a baby and smoking, the ‘German Juice’ singer has shared a new photo that has people talking.

This morning (November 12) Cynthia Morgan shared a photo of an unidentified woman nearly exposing her boobs.


Some of her fans believe it is Cynthia Morgan in the picture, others believe it’s a different person. Most of the comments below the picture were negative as many questioned why Cynthia Morgan would post such a picture.

The female music star has since deleted the picture from her Instagram account.

Cynthia Morgan who can be labeled ‘controversial’ is making her debut in the movie ‘The Wrong Number,’ which is being directed by Saint Joseph Ovensehi.

The upcoming movie stars the singer alongside Ruth Kadiri, Daniel Lloyd among others.

Morgan who once stated that she wouldn’t feature in any Nollywood movie, revealed that she’s appearing in ‘The Wrong Number’ as a favour for Saint Joseph, who is her good friend.

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