There is no other authority reliable enough to speak about music in the nation’s paradise other than the Chairman of Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria in Cross River state- Effiom Trombone, who took time to respond to questions concerning the music industry and sundry issues as it relates with entertainment.

Effiom can be referred to as the most active musician in the state, his band; South Central is always busy every other weekend, playing top functions in Cross River, and environs.

From growing up playing the brass instrument ‘Trombone’ in Calabar, as a band boy with the Nigerian Navy after secondary and tertiary education at the then Polytechnic Calabar, Effiom grew up to horn his music skills, until he was discovered by South-South’s most revered musician- Mista Xto, after which he was made manager of the South Central Records & Band in Calabar.


Effiom granted an exclusive interview after the May edition of the monthly ‘Entertainers Nite’ hosted every first Saturday of the month and in its 9th edition, “Cross River entertainment industry is active, from the Comedians to the Actors Guild, to the Dancers and Troupes, Our greatest challenge has been the media, which is why I am very grateful to the General Manager of Cross River Broadcasting Corporation for offering us 30-minutes airtime for our monthly Entertainers Nite, as we need a platform to showcase all our talents and efforts”.

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On his musical career, when asked how he rates the success of his first album, he laughed, and likened it to the first money made by a growing boy- he definitely will not know how best to spend it. ‘My first album was like a trial version as always by many artistes, I just had to taste the waters and understand how best to thread’ I will say it would have been better if well promoted, but of course it gave me a name in the industry, songs like EYEN CALABAR became a tune on the lips of every indigene or resident of Cross River between 2011-2012, and I was also able to develop a clothing brand around it with a strategic partnership with UNO Apparel‘.

‘I am challenging Cross River State musicians to step up their game and become gainfully employed enough to compete favorably with their counterparts in other states. They cannot always wait for the Calabar Festival before remembering that they are artistes

Personally, I am back to the studio, a musician dies the day he stops making music, I am already working on my second album, doing a lot of writings, with plans to shoot another music video and will be featuring more artistes‘.

Nelson NseAbasi reporting 

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