Kate Queram was also an avid commenter on ESPN’s Big Ten blog. She didn’t live in a basement, but they were both huge Michigan fans. Not to mention, they were both University of Michigan alums.
Despite the similarities, Kate and Brandon never knew each other before meeting in the comment section and becoming known as the “Blog Couple” to all the other commenters out there.

According to ESPN, Kate tells them that Brandon was the only one to not accuse her of being “a middle-aged man in a basement somewhere.”
“If she was a middle-aged man, she was a middle-aged man who could make me laugh all the time,” Brandon admits. “I figured I’d take my chances.”



 They talked online for about six months before Brandon hopped in his car and drove 12 hours from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Wilmington, North Carolina to see her. His friend, Tom Brady (not the football star), joked that Brandon drove all that way because he was “anxious to find out if she was indeed a middle-aged man” or not.

Kate opened her door to find Brandon visibly shaking on her doorstep from the nerves, but it was a “very cute” shaking as Kate describes it.

“Definitely worth it,” he remembers.

Things moved very quickly for Brandon and Kate. After meeting in person for the first time, they made it a point to visit every three or four weeks over the summer. They both admit that they realized their relationship was the real deal very early on, which is why Brandon found a job in North Carolina that “was good for his career.”
Although his brother, Ryan, will tell you that Brandon really took the job to be closer to Kate.

“It was love at first type,” as Kate’s friend describes it.

From there, the rest is, well, a win. On October 24, 2015, Kate and Brandon married. They carefully chose a date when Michigan’s football team would have a bye week.

They call their love story the best there ever was, but what’s really great about it is that Brandon and Kate “genuinely bring out the best in one another.”

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