Rochas Okorocha, the aggrieved governor of Imo State has reacted to the defection of his Chief of Staff and where his support will be in the governorship election come 2019.
According to Rochas, the only political party on this continent that is as proud as Nebuchadnezzar is the All Progressives Congress (APC) led by comrade Adams Oshiomhole.
Our CEO is clearly bereft of tact and people skills, he can win elections almost without everyone in Nigeria! When the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) became so fat and obese, they ballyhooed and touted that they would remain in power for decades, but all of a sudden, a corporate voice came from Nigerians and the kingdom of Nigeria was taken from them. In the present day, they are struggling for relevance. I foresee same thing happening to the APC, if they do not elevate their thinking to listen to this voice of reason.

Today, those in the APC speak as if they are controlling all of us. They speak as if they are feeding all of us. They speak as if Nigerians cannot survive without our Buhari. They speak as if Nigeria begins and ends with the only product they are having—PMB. As far as they are concerned, PMB is like an angel—the best to have come out of Nigeria. But as far as some of us are concerned, Buhari is just like those before him. We have not lost soldiers in the history of Nigeria as we are currently losing under PMB.

After spending four years in power, we are still saying that the problem of Nigeria is corruption. Till this day, the APC is still speaking as if they are just coming into power. They keep saying that the PDP destroyed Nigeria for sixteen (16) years, but the truth is; most of their major players were part of the destruction of Nigeria!

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On the condition that comrade Adams Oshiomhole is not urgently cautioned, he would destroy the tiny strength that the APC has left. Leaders settle disputes; they do not handle them as comrade Adams is handling them. A few months ago, he smugly said that he would remove Senator Bukola Saraki under a week, but till this day, Saraki is still in power.

Now, I am beginning to think that comrade Adams Oshiomhole is circuitously working for the second coming of the PDP, as an effect of the way he speaks. The newly enthroned ‘king’ of the APC speaks in a slapdash fashion and sloppily and it is beginning to irritate our people! Each time there is an issue in the APC, the next thing you would hear from the mouth of someone who calls himself the CEO of the APC is “we will win without them.” He is one leader—who is clearly bereft of tact and people skills.


The Party is having issues with Governor Ibikunle Amosun and I, Governor Rochas Okorocha and the next thing the whole nation heard from Adams is, “we will win Ogun State without Amosun and Imo State without Rochas.” Wittily, comrade Adams can win a presidential election without even all of us in Nigerian! How many Nigerians can Adams alone mobilize for PMB? He needs to be told that it would take every member of the APC to win elections, not a few members—who do not have minds of their own.


I am not endorsing Amosun and myself but, the truth is; what is good for Bola Tinubu is also good for us. Every outgoing governor would always want to install those who would be able to cover their tracks. Also, every governor—who is about leaving power always wants to scheme and fight to become godfathers in their respective States. Remember, even comrade Adams installed governor Obaseki when he was leaving Edo State for Abuja, so tell me what’s wrong with Rochas and Amosun trying to do so?


If you want to kill a product, give it to comrade Adams to sell for you. No one is fast destroying the brand of our Party APC like Adams. He is not only killing the only product the All Progressives Congress has, he is fast de-marketing the APC as a whole. He daily reveals to the whole world that the APC does not have think-tanks. The way he is handling crucial issues, it will be very hard for Mr. President to win our own swing States and if you think I am raising an gratuitous issue, 16 February 2019 is already here with us.

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