iNtenxity joins BLW, The Gratitude to influence the Pop Culture in Nigeria


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The way of which people of a defined entity behaves, think, act, express feelings and actions even program their future is the definition of their CULTURE and in the world today, lots of culture are being generated through out the different fields of life and that directly or indirectly shapes the world and the generation we live in and the future.

Wikipedia defines Pop (Popular) Culture to be “A culture generally recognized by members of a society as a set of the practices, beliefs, and objects that are dominant or ubiquitous in a society at a given point in time”.
Though this is also rated as a Low Culture of which those in it are seen as rebellious entities who are fighting against the pre-existing laws and formations set by those in the High or Work-class Culture; however, it is subdivided into the following categories: Entertainment (such as movies, music, television, and video games), Sports, News (as in people/places in the news), Politics, Fashion/Clothes, Technology, and Slang.

In Nigeria, religious institutions has been challenged by the rapid Urbanization which its sides effect has abraded our values and morals.
As Christians, the core responsibility of our faith is to be the “Light of the World” by positively influencing our circles to build up the eroded characters in the society.

Also being a country where the youths dominates the population, it is eyely to spot out that the Pop culture dominates the Classic and even our Folk Culture which implies that the future of Nigeria is determined by the standards we set now through what we THINK, BELIEVE, SEE, LISTEN TO, IMAGINE etc and if positivity is not the bedrock of which the aforementioned points are being built on, then a destructive society awaits us.

Entertainment (especially Music) is one solid block of which the pop culture can be used to determine the fate of a society and the kind of Music one listens to controls them too and same goes to the kind of Movies, News and information you consume.
Living in a society where “Hope” is not guaranteed will simply make the people careless about what they do because they have no legacy to protect so they do what they like.

  • Over time, materials from the western world especially from their Gospel channels were what shaped our system as only songs from the Artistes there were the things we preferred listening to but now, lots of African sounds as been introduced and we have also been able to remake what ever we were inspired by before; spicing it with our creativity.

Most youths easily identify themselves with High tempo Music which enable them to express their youthful glow and Rap Music is one genre they listen to but the SAD NEWS is that most of those rap Music are characterized with VULGARITIES and since they have no choice or alternatives, they keep dancing and listening to inappropriate lyrics which subconsciously affects their approach towards their lives.

Individual Artistes like Tim Godfrey, Freke Umoh etc have tried their best, bring changes to the normals and Gospel Music Artistes are also levelling up but to make it big, bigger platforms needs to be introduced and in Nigeria, BLW Rap Nation which is one of the Ministries of Christ Embassy is a Rap Music Group that are preaching the message of “HOPE” to our world is of such platforms.

The Gratitude COZA which is an Abuja based Gospel Urban Contemporary Music Group is on its toes too, making good music and their track “Rabaraba eh” which emphasize the importance of “Speaking in Tongues” as being a great tool for self edification which produces “HOPE” was a great hit that penetrated the length and breath of the country.
It is worthy to note that The Gratitude is an arm of COZA (Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly)

In Akwa Ibom State and Uyo (The Capital) the Pop culture is deepening its roots and Churches that addresses the reality of the youthful age are contributing immensely and The Evening Church headed by Pastor Runcie Mike is one of them and weeks ago, the hosted one of the biggest Religious Events ever in the city which was also an avenue for them to unveil another section of their ministry called iNtenxity which is a Music Group that is promising to give lots of Positive and Hope-giving contents to the Pop culture of Nigeria and the world at large.

There is Hope for the future when “Hope-giving and Preaching” institutions are being created to always give light to the world we live in today.

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