Suersonic Blaze is not a new name in the music and entertainment scene in Nigeria, during his last visit to Nigeria, he stopped by in Akwa Ibom to relish the much publicized development that the state has witnessed, and that inspired him to expand the frontiers of the administration’s goals.
If you say he is throwing a big salute to Governor Akpabio in the picture above, I guess you won’t be wrong, as the musician who is in a foreign land is also happy about the justice that finally prevailed against all odds.
He opined that in this new generation, our people should stop sitting down to fold their arms, waiting for the Government to do everything for them, but instead, all and sundry, should in their own little way support the development of the people, and their immediate community.
Supersonic Blaze made this call during a phone interview; where he spoke on topical issues and attended to bugging questions, he also seized the opportunity to congratulate the Governor on his victory in the case between Messrs Frank Okon.
Musical Career
Speaking on his musical career and his sojourn to the United Arab Emirate, Supersonic Blaze stated clearly that he is taking his passion for music to its greatest height by studying at the SAE Institute affiliated to Sony Music Entertainment Middle East, located in Dubai where Supersonic Blaze is currently doing his internship as an artiste/sound engineer.
Chop Money Boiz
Chop Money Boizas a name was seen at some point in time, on trendy t-shirts, on Blackberry messenger profiles, heard in music and music videos, and in clubs/campuses in Accra, Uyo, Abuja and Lagos. It seemed to have been the rave of the moment then, but quietly went down the drain, with the then ‘so called’ members now pursuing their individual dreams and careers. It was in the news some time ago that famous rapper LJ totally denounced association with the group.
Chop Money Boizwas Supersonic Blaze’s idea, but things went awry along the line, and while he was yet to decide what it stands for, there have been rumors of inherent battle of supremacy, loyalty and unity of purpose in the Chop Money Boiz clique.
Supersonic Blaze also spoke on Chop Money Boiz, ‘ I guess they took my little joke too serious, Chop Money Boiz was never a record label, it was just a way of life’, he stated categorically that he has heard of some people denouncing Chop Money Boiz, ‘that’s a very big mis-conception’ and it is childish to start exchanging words on the subject matter.
Politics in Akwa Ibom
I will be a liar if I say that I am not concerned with the affairs of my state. This is simply because, when the time is ripe, Akwa Ibom people all over the world will return home.
I am from the royal Ewa family in Okobo, founding members of the Peoples Democratic Party and stalwarts, matter of fact his relative is the current Nigerian Minister of Science & Technology and another a Permanent Secretary in Akwa Ibom state.
On Government and the battle that lingered, “Akpabio should not say a word” Supersonic Blaze emphasized, ‘I advise that man to continue with his good works and attend to human and infrastructural development with anger, instead of listening to distractions’.
Future Plans
Finally, on return from Dubai, Supersonic Blaze gave insight into his plan to bring Sony Music to Akwa Ibom, and with them, he hopes to create a bigger export market for talents in this part of Nigeria.
“We have to change the way things are done over there, he said on the phone, I am studying Sound Engineering at School of Audio Engineering, and managing a Club, while doing Music at Sony Music UAE, as soon as I am done; I plan to come home to contribute meaningfully to the development of my people, especially talents in the entertainment industry”.
How Much is Money is my record label, I already have an entertainment outfit that is basically into events and promotions-SUPERSONIC BLAZE ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED.
How Much is Money will be redefining the way things are done for Nigerian artistes, package them and prepare them for the international stage.

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