Chika Ike Reveals Why Her Father Rejected At Her Birth

Nigerian actress and author of Boss Up, Chika Ike has opened up on her personal life via a book she released recently. She revealed her father rejected her at birth because she was a girl.

“I was rejected from birth by my father because he didn’t want a girl. So, it talks about me, my challenges growing up and the rejection I faced from my family. The book also talks about the business world because people think I like money. Well, they may be right because I grew up with nothing and don’t want to be a failure and I always push myself to succeed. I want to challenge myself to be somebody people thought I can never be.”

She goes on to explain that her attending Harvard Business School was not a mistake. While she was there, she learnt how to run a successful business.

“Harvard Business School was a launch pad for me because I found myself in a room with professionals – big people who run global businesses – sitting among business tycoons. I talked about tricks and how to run a successful business. They also gave me a personal coach who went deep into my personal life: my family, my upbringing and me. I was someone who was brought up guided but Harvard Business School unguided me. They made me stand in front of over 200 professionals to talk about my life. I spoke so much about my life, family and how I was rejected by my father who was a good husband and father to all his children. But I didn’t have a good relationship with him growing up.”

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