Just like Obasanjo said 2 Weeks ago, That only the Poor and Uninformed Igbos wants Biafra, Read HERE

We found some of this Tweets on Twitter and we thought we should Post.

See below:-

– I hear of igbos in Lagos Govt. I hear of an igbo king in ondo land. Can someone from yoruba be a headmaster in any sec sch in igbo land?

– Can you Imagine that Nnamdi Kanu actually have a British passport? Igbos think,think and think again…

– Nnamdi Kanu doesn not represent the Igbos

– I appeal to MASSOB to be peaceful and not kill anyone…we have millions of Igbos trading peacefully in the North. Consider their safety.

– A lot of hard working and patriotic igbos are not in support of a megalomania inspired Biafra. Factor these in your takes*

We’re one Big Nigerians and we should stay clear from this Biafra Issue.. Say NO to another Civil War.

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