Different leaders of non-governmental groups demand public declaration of assets from President Muhammadu Buhari’s ministers.

This call was inspired by the president’s pledge to reveal his own assets. President Buhari also noted that this move would lead to further accountability of governmental officials including his ministers.

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Nigerian Constitution says that the declaration of assets is nonobligatory, and not a legal obligation. Meanwhile, many of the NGO leaders speaking with the media underlined that it was morally essential for the ministers to do so.

Alhaji Olola Kasumu, the president of Afonja Descendants Union (ADU), speaking to the Punch newspaper emphasized that President Buhari’s entire anti-corruption effort could be frustrated if the ministers did not publish their assets.

He said: “It is part of the campaign promises of the All Progressives Congress (APC) that its appointees and elected officials will publicly declare their assets. The much needed change will be elusive if they do not declare their assets publicly.”

On his own part, the spokesperson of the Ijaw National Congress Victor Borubo asked the president to stand by his promises on the need to force the ministers declare their assets publicly.

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It is necessary that the ministers-designate declare their assets publicly. The intention is to ensure that they are not tempted to enrich themselves in a corrupt manner,” Borubo noted.

“The ministers should not be told before they declare their assets. In fact, much will not be achieved in the fight against corruption if the appointees are not ready to follow Buhari’s example.”

Nigeria’s leader has declared he has $150,000 in his personal account and five homes, two mud houses, as well as farms, an orchard and a ranch with 270 head of cattle.

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