The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has said that the fight against corruption under the present administration has been successful.

Mohammed said this while speaking on a live TVC news Programme on Monday.

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He said: “When we say the fight against corruption is successful, it is because we have laid the foundation that would make it difficult for people to engage in the evil act.

“For us, the success of the fight against corruption is the fact that we have driven corruption under the table and made it unattractive as it was before. Those who are corrupt are doing so with the fear of the law. It will be progressive, become more and more difficult in Nigeria for corruption to be attractive.”

The minister added that it is a misconception on the part of most Nigerians to believe that the anti-graft war was aimed at the opposition party members and some perceived enemies.

“We had 16 years of unbroken rule by the PDP so the likely people who will be accused of misuse of resources should be the people who were in charge.”

“We also have some former governors who decamped to APC who have also been convicted.”

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