Ex-presidential aide, Reno Omokri has slammed President Muhammadu Buhari over his recent comments that Nigerian youths are Lazy and Uneducated.

The President caused a national outrage after saying that Nigerian youths were lazy and uneducated during a panel discussion in the UK recently.

Omokri, in a video clip, asked what the president’s son, Yusuf did for a living.

Omokri, reacting to the president’s comment says, identity politics founded and limited to articulation of self interest, race,religion ethnicity, class and sexual orientation is the problem.

Nigerian politics is bedeviled by tribal feelings, identifying and loyalism to ethnic groups, rather than Nigeria as a federation. Identity politics has done more harm than good to Nigeria politics if not you wouldn’t dare to re-contest for a second term.

What agenda do you have for the youth ever since you assumed office in 2015?

If you ask my friend close to you he will says “interest is inevitable” killing the electoral system more and more. This very statement triggers electoral violence and post violence.This has done enough damages. Let’s vote for a representative not a warm sitter. Let’s put a stop to this, let’s say no to identity politics.

Imagine a president rubbishing the youth of his country in the U.K, how will the intentional body see it’s youth.

Your jobless son almost killed himself while riding a bike he got for free, your son crashed a power bike that cost more than the minimum wage of over 1000 hard working Nigerians, get to be flown abroad yet the youth still got down on there knees to pray for him to be well just as they prayed for you when you were ill.

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