President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday gave his nod to the emergence of Tony Nwoye as Anambra State governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and promised to attend his final campaign rally next month.
The election is fixed for November 18 and the President spoke at the State House, Abuja where he received Nwoye, who was brought to him by chairman of the National Campaign Council of the APC for the Anambra poll and governor of Bauchi State, Mohammed Abubakar.
Speaking to reporters after the visit, the governor explained that “we have had our primaries and we have settled all the appeals, we have done reconciliations.
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“It is therefore time to present to the father of the nation, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the candidate of the APC in Anambra state, Dr. Tony Nwoye.
“The President has received us very well and has promised us that Insha Allah he will personally grace the grand finale of the campaign in Anambra state.”
On his part, Nwoye said he was confident of victory after his last failed attempt four years ago.
” I am not God but based on the parameters and the indices of the Anambra political terrain and based on the campaigns that we have done so far, I am confident that by God’s grace – because God gives power – that we are going to win.
“In the last election, I campaigned for only eleven days, I was kept in Court for some time. They accused me of not paying my tax in time. But this time around, I have more than two months to campaign.
“We have activated our structures, I have met all the stakeholders. This time around, it is going to be one man, one vote. We are not going to allow anybody to rig us out. Peoples votes will count.”
On the threat by IPOB to boycott or frustrate the election, Nwoye said “we are not afraid of the threat. Our youths are unemployed, people are wailing and crying. These are the symptoms of what you are seeing now.
“Our people are seeing reasons why there should be elections. Some of them who may have been brainwashed, we are engaging them to see reasons why they should allow people to elect people who they want to lead them.”