– A newlywed couple were forced to have sex in front of their guests

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– “You climb onto his body now!” a guest is heard commanding the bride

– The process was filmed and later posted to the internet

An extremely bizarre video showing a bride and groom strippig naked and lying in one bed has recently surfaced online.

wedding sex

A Chinese couple (pictured) were forced to act passionately in front of their wedding guests

According to the Chinese media, the newlyweds were forced to have sex by their guests who gleefully encouraged them not to be shy.

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The two-minute clip shows the barely dressed couple sitting under a red blanket at their wedding bedroom.

wedding sex

The wedding guests demanded the couple caress and kiss each other and have sex

Then they are heard being asked to take their pants off and the duo obey as a pair of grey leggings and suit are handed to the excited friends.

After a while, the bride’s red underwear and the groom’s black underpants appear. The next moment the couple hug each other, while being naked in the bed.

wedding sex

You climb onto his body now!

But even after that the guests are not satisfied and of them is heard saying: “You climb onto his body now!”

Another female guest forces the bride to lay on the groom, while the third quest asks: “Are you two attached to each other?”

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And when it seems that situation can’t get more surrealistic the female guest presses the bride’s backside against the groom’s body and pulls away the blanket to expose them.

wedding sex

Another female guest tried to help the couple have sex by pressing the bride’s backside

The guests burst into laughter, while the groom hurriedly grabs the duvet to cover himself and his new wife.

The odd video went viral across various sites since mid-September and gained thousands of views and angry comments.

Watch video and tell us would you like to take part in such a rude wedding game?

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