BREAKING: Drama in Anambra as Obiano’s Wife Tears His Cloth Before His Guest

There was great pandemonium in Anambra state as the wife of the Governor, Her Excellency ,Ebelechukwu Obiano tore the shirt of her husband before his guest.



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According to report from Oriental Times, Willie Obiano, invited one of his mistress at a state function.


On the site of the mistress, the wife lambasted her and then angrily went straight to where the husband was and tore his shirt.


Not mincing words, she started raining curses on him and the mistress before the guest.


Meanwhile it was gathered that the couple, were not in good terms with each other over time because of the mistress whom the governor was recklessly in love with.


’You can therefore imagine the woman’s anger on sighting her at a state function. Without giving any hoot about what was going on, she made for the governor’s shirt, which she tore amidst a rain of abusive words.


’Even the governor’s security team was taken aback as they didn’t see this coming. In fact, it took their intervention and ceaseless appeal by some of the special guests before she would let go. The scandal is being discussed in hushed-tones by those who belong in the corridors of power. The few media people who witnessed the shameful act were later taken to a corner and ‘prevailed upon’ to ‘pause’ the story by the governor’s media aide.

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