Making Remix and Mashup will be fun when you have the right tools and a creative mind to make it happen. In most cases, the process turns out to be a masterpiece of it’s own after several experiments, trials and errors. The song ‘Suppose To Know By illRhymes is a sing-along song and also one of DJ Kass’ favorite songs so, he decided to make his own mashup on the song. The song had over 4,300 downloads and still counting online and this motivated DJ Kass to recreate this song. There is a greater difference between the original version of the song and the mash up version, so let’s you do the comparison!
Check out and compare between the…

Mashup Version

Mash Up Version:

Original Track

DJ Kass extends his special thanks to the ilrhymes for sending in the acappella version of this track,and to his very own brother Melloweezy a.k.a Newurld who made a special beat for this mashup.
DESCRIPTION: Mash Up Version


BPM: 132


Key: Bm (Minor)


Genre: Techno


Duration: 3minutes 47seconds


Drums & Chord Patterns: @MichaelMeloweezy


Mashed By: @DJKassNg


Art By: @MurphyDavis




‘Andy ‘illrhymes’ Smart


Murphy Davis


Aniekan James Ekah


Prince Goldenchyld Simeon


Asteroid Bassey



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