It’s still baby drama in Day 24 in the Big Brother house and the housemates were focused on taking care of their baby dolls and try to maintain their sanity in the house.

Baby Responsibility

The day continued with the housemates taking care of their baby dolls and trying to get them to not cry. Later in the day Teddy A and Alex became proud parents of another baby while Anto had triplets before the end of the day. This task really got the housemates to treat topics like single parenthood, how mother’s are treated in Nigeria and the perception that men don’t think they should do anything except provide financially for the family.

Cee C And Tobi’s Shade

Cee C and Tobi continue to dance around each other and never really talking to each other except through group discussions. Cee C stylishly shades Tobi saying she can’t date a man that won’t accept her independence, sending an indirect message to Tobi. Tobi also returned a shade back to her saying his automatic response to appease a girl is to say ‘sorry’, with Cee C agreeing. The pair did not speak one on one but in the diary room Cee C made it known to Big Brother that she misses Tobi and asked if Big Brother could help repair their relationship.

The Crack In The Lovebirds

Mina is getting their own share of issues to deal with. The crack between Mina and Miracle seems to be getting bigger and the distance between them is getting bigger. The change of strategic partners is probably the cause of this strain in this relationship between these two. Nina even revealed to Big Brother that she is happy she is not paired with Miracle anymore because she is seeing a side of him she has never seen before and she is not liking it. Miracle meanwhile is enjoying and opening up to other housemates in the house. the shy boy is finally opening up in the house.

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 Bambam’s The Baby Thief

To spice things up in the house, Bambam was given a secret task to steal a baby from any other of the housemates  and hide it where it could not be found. Big Brother told her that this would have a big impact on the Wager and that she must not fail. Even though Bambam was extremely nervous at the premise, fail she did not. All was calm and well in the house until the cries rang out and everyone sprang to attention, it was only then that Anto and Miracle noticed that one of their three babies (Chidera) has gone missing. They jumped into action fast and searched the entire House. Anto pleaded with Biggie even stated that she knew they had been neglectful. It did not matter at all and Miracle tried to go to the Diary room sheepishly but with no success.



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