The price of the gate fee has been slashed from the supposed N1000 to N500 to enable peeps to enjoy themselves. Have you ever pulled up beside someone at the lights and attempted to talk to them?! What color did you get?! RED, YELLOW OR maybe GREEN?! Well,whatever color you managed to get,try your luck this Friday @ the ATL Party. You’ll never know what color is waiting for you. One thing is for certain,they cant drive off cos they would be flaunting their clothes representing the color of their relationship status.

RED [Taken]:- Since ages known for stop,so without messing with it,we’d let it be the sign of Taken/Committed/In a relationship.

YELLOW/ORANGE [Its Complicated]:- While you cant stop yourself at the traffic signal on yellow sign,there’s no stopping you,but beware that the person wearing this color might not be single,but can explore options.

GREEN [Single]:- Go ahead. No stopping you from Flirting/Chatting/Dancing with the person wearing this color.

BLACK [Flirt]:- The person wearing this color is super duper ready to mingle. And watch out,the wearer breaks traffic rules.


The party will be an all nite event starting with a red carpet strike-a-pose by 5p.m by Fotoworld.

The party will take the shape of an indoor event at Enobong Global,along Udo Udoma Avenue Opp Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio Secretariat.

They will be elevating rythm from DJ Tallest(Male) to prepare your minds for an explosive experience.

They will be an Azonto championship involving 20 members selected from the audience. 5 winners will go home with goodies from Always Fresh Gears.

They will be dance performances by Sax Crew, X-Robot and Crest.

The show will be anchored by 3 award winning comedians- Da Princess,Dan Kalabar and Jester.

Also, live musical performances by Psimfoni,Uk-Great,Cypher,Nasiru,Ak-Smuth,Oroq, and Icebuzzed.

Other contents of the party include:- Fashion Parade,Traffic Jam,Comedy, Musical Chairs,Spin the bottle, Fatest Finger, Freestyle Rookie and

Pairing and Dancing:- This is the final part of the party where peeps will be paired according to their color to dance. Peeps wearing Red will not be paired.

Come, enjoy,have fun and possibly win a date at the ATL Party 2013.
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