In another development, lead­er of Coalition of Northern Group (CNG) that issued the quit notice, Shettima Yerima has explained yesterday in Lafia, during the zon­al meeting of the Coalition in Na­sarawa, that after deliberation on the quit notice and discussions with prominent Igbo leaders and organ­izations like Ohaneze which have dissociated themselves from IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu’s activities, they had to shift ground.

He explained that the quit no­tice was a signal to Kanu and his group that Nigeria cannot be un­dermined by a single individual and described him as a frustrated human being who is seeking polit­ical relevance.

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Yerima who led other groups in the North to the annual meeting said that after due consultations, they have decided to relax the no­tice and watch events, adding that his group will soon take a stand on the October 1st deadline.

He describes Northerners as in­telligent people against the notion that Northerners are illiterate and advised youths to shun violence and thuggery and concentrate on taking their destiny into their hands.

He appreciated northern lead­ers like the Sultan of Sokoto and the Borno State governor for their in­tervention on the quit notice, not­ing that the Coalition is out to en­sure that Nigerian remains united and not divided.