Here’s a description of every Nigerian guy’s dream girl! Most guys won’t tell you this openly for many reasons!
1. Very cute with nice shape, not short, not fat, not bleached & not skinny
2. A graduate (at least a Uni degree)
3. Intelligent & smart, not dull cos guys dislike dull girls even though they won’t tell U this
4. Not materialistic, independent
5. Jovial & friendly with not only her friends but with all in a morally upright way
6. Always happy (at least 90% of the time happy)
7. Not so demanding & clingy (even Dangote wouldn’t want a woman that relies on him for virtually all her life needs, from bathing soap to everything, all men get pissed with a materialistic woman, yes they do, so do away with that life sharp-sharp!!)
8. A virgin, yes most guys want a virgin, but afraid not to hurt the girls they had slept with by saying they want to marry only virgins. They dont want the non-virgins feeling left out or guilty, but they all want virgin, at least 90% if not more want it! (Mmekpa ishie)
9. Not from poor family & not pompous, this makes most guys feel guilty shaa…but its because of how poor girls overload guys & get easily tripped by cash & how they ask for everything they need in life from men.
10. God fearing girl, not a church goer, or a pretender, but a core, practicing christian who is also lively & not archaic & dull in the name of religion.This is what most guys want as a wife, but they maybe afraid to tell you and that’s why most maybe single & still searching or not yet committed!
What’s your take on this?
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