Governor Godswill Akpabio’s Personal Assistant on Security, Captain Iniobong Ekong (Rtd) has dragged record holding Nigeria’s Youngest Editor, Ifreke Nseowo to court over a story news story he published in his widely visited blog, back in June, 2013.

The retired captain popularly known as ‘Ikwa Afang’ is dragging the respected young media guru to court for stating that in the news report that he is the owner of Play Terrace, a night club where Gov. Akpabio’s cousin, Prince Ukpong Akpabio was involved in a brawl.

In the said new article exclusively reported by Mr. Nseowo’s blog which went viral on social media, Prince Akpabio allegedly got involved a night club brawl at Play Terrace with a female nite clubber, a certain Uche and Tony Akan who is the council chairman of Uruan LGA.

The High court summon with suit no. HU/470/2013 served Mr. Nseowo through Captain Ekong’s attorney, Obio Mkpanam Esq reads in part “Sometime about 22nd June, 2013, the defendant published against and concerning the claimant a false story knowing same to be false, to the effect that the claimant while a public officer in the employ of Akwa Ibom State owns a Nite Club in the City of Uyo known and called Play Terrace. According to the story the said Nite Club is a popular exclusive Nite Club. The story was further tied to a purported indecent assault which the Defendant claim happened in the Nite Club.

“The Inuendo of the libelous publication suggest the claimant as a morally debased man who runs Nite Club where women are indecently assaulted as a result of which the claimant has suffered embarrassment, contempt, ridicule and scorn. The Claimant’s colleagues in public office have bombarded his phones with call to register surprise and shock at his involvement in the ownership of the Nite Club aforesaid. He has received similar calls from members of his church and other organizations.

“The publication was calculated to lower the clamant in the estimation of right thinking members of the society, cause him to be shunned, avoided and exposed him to hatred, contempt and ridicule. The publication has injured the claimant as he has been summoned by his boss on the matter. His office, profession and social standing has also been injured.

“The claimant avers that there is no legal justification for the publication of the words complaint of to wit “it was in the process that a certain Uche who works in the club went to report the issue to Captain Iniobong Ekong who allegedly owns the club but unfortunately he was not found at his office.

“The claimant neither own nor has anything to do with the Nite Club afore-referred to. He does not have his office at the Club. The publication was false and maliciously published to defame and ridicule the Claimant.

“The claimant avers that he is not a subscriber neither is he a shareholder in the said Nite club.

Captain Ekong is seeking N500m from Mr. Nseowo “being general damages for libel” and an order that Nseowo retracts the said publication and tender a clearly worded apology to him through the same medium –

In the aftermath of the story, Gov. Akpabio banned all his aides from attending nite clubs and scolded Prince for his actions.

Hearing has been fixed for 9th December, 2013.Enhanced by Zemanta

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