coalition of online publishers in Akwa Ibom State

By: Samuel Ayara


The online media space in Akwa Ibom will soon be enjoying a new lease of life, as the Coalition of Online Publishers (COOPA) have resolved that it will no longer be business as usual, with their vow to sweep off peddlers of toxic and derogatory cyber contents whose activities have in recent times portrayed the state in bad light.

coalition of online publishers in Akwa Ibom State
Coalition of Online Publishers, Akwa Ibom State

This was made known at an inaugural meeting of bloggers and online media publishers in Uyo, the state capital, who observed the need to stop the growing trend of falsehood and blackmail employed by some practitioners against unsuspecting members of the public.

The group frowned at the incessant use of the cyber space as a medium of unverifiable information dissemination, which often comes with the “breaking news” cliché advising that no such breaking news should be allowed to break the society.

The forum resolved to maintain its non-partisanship role in reportage as well as display a high sense of patriotism and responsibility in handling sociopolitical issues, to avoid dragging the state’s name in the mud.

Highlighting the benefits of sanitizing the cyber space to include providing a platform to enhance research, learning, entertainment and empowerment, the group promised a holistic approach in ensuring the society gets a maximum value from the cyber space.

Ifreke Nsewo was adopted as the group’s Acting Chancellor, with Nelson Nseabasi, as Secretary.

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