dakkada carnival

The greatest show on Earth! Dakkada Unity Carnival debuts with a rehearsal on Friday 20th November 2015 with a spectacular array of glittering costumes, jaw-dropping parades and a dazzling riot of colour at Discovery Park, Obio Imo Street (Uyo Township Stadium by Udo Umana) by 4pm.

Dakkada Carnival

With the theme “Arise to the faith of Greatness“, Dakkada Unity Carnival will be 7 days of non-stop celebration of greatness!

Organized by DAKKADA SUPPORT GROUP, the event will complement Akwa Ibom State Government’s DAKKADA call for mental re-awakening, spiritual re-birth, moral transformation and attitudinal re-orientation that will enable Akwa Ibom people to purge their minds of the feeling of incapability and defeatism that has kept their growth, development and progress stymied for too long.

The Festival hopes to boost the unity and cultural mosaic of the Akwa Ibom people while entertaining millions of spectators/visitors within and outside the State, thereby boosting the Akwa Ibom tourism industry.

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