Mary Atainyene is a vibrant woman of substance who has built a wealth of resources, skills and talents over the years through creativity in arts and music having given her life to Christ through the rhythmic beckons of the Gospel Music, two decade ago in Lagos. From December 2012, Mary Atainyene will embark on a gospel tour around the 31 Local Government Areas of Akwa Ibom State! She will be performing her tracks live and as usual, God magnificent presence will be brought down!
The essence of this gospel tour as explained by Mrs. Atainyene is  to reach the yet-to-be-reached locations of the state and minister hope, God’s love and kindness to his people.
The gospel tour will commence from the city of Eket this December sweeping through all the local government areas of the state and finally, it will culminate into a nation-wide gospel tour thus, reaching more lives and helping God’s people experience absolute peace in His presence through the extremely-inspiring music of Mary Atainyene.
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