Actress Georgina Onuoha lambasts celebrities who campaigned for Atiku and Buhari

As posted by actress Georgina Onuoha on the just concluded election.

” To my fellow celebrities!!
If you take money from politicians, campaign for them because I know most of you get paid to fool yourselves. Please do me a favor and shut up your mouth because you are part of Nigerians problem. You get compromised and expect respect.. No you will not get it from me. You don’t have the moral integrity to persuade anyone because you are compromised. In any advanced country, celebrities push for fair governance and issues that affect their fellow citizens. They contribute their own money to politicians not the other way around. Why would would I expect anything different when all of you are poor both mentally and financially yet, you portray a false image of your financial status on social media and behind the curtains you beg money for rent and feeding. And exhibiting all your fakery online. To you all it’s all about money rather than integrity.

inferno TV

I don’t care if you voted for Buhari or Atiku, I am and will never throw my support for either of these men. Same people that have ruled and ruined this country since the inception of our independence. For the fool sliding me DM to launder a positive image of Nigeria? Listen up scum, our collective duties is to speak the truth even when it’s uncomfortable. While the election was peaceful in some parts of the country , other parts were not. But to give a false narrative or gloss over a positive image of a free and fair election is a crime and malpractice as well as disservice to your followers. Use your platforms for the better good of a common Nigerian and not to enrich your pockets, brand and selfish interest.

Enjoy the money now and your generation suffer for your scrupulous stupidity. I don’t endorse politicians, I don’t campaign for them because if I Do, I lose my moral integrity and you bet, I can’t give up that. You can’t eat with the devil and have the moral authority to call it out. I wish my country well, it is our responsibility to accept the out come of the elections regardless of our perceived out. If you can work with the new elected president do so for the better good of our people. I wish him best of luck in governing our people as a nation. God bless Nigeria ??.

2019 election: Georgina Onuoha comes for celebs who campaigned for Buhari and Atiku after her clash with colleague, Foluke Daramola-Salako


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