Beverly Naya’s hair is a goal…!

Happy byes to the days when black women opt for permed hair because they feel insecure with their natural hair. These days, women have chosen the better option of going natural and it has proven to be absolutely beautiful as seen with the likes of actress, Beverly Naya.

Though wigs and braids are still parts of women’s dressing articles, the natural hair has become a thing to be proud of. With a high percentage of women gong for this, it has gradually become an identity of the AFrican female.

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Even more interestingly, the hair ca now be spotted on the red carpet. Such was the case of Beverly who wore the hair to the premiere of the movie, Lara and the Beat. She not only stood out, her look is capable of making one fall in love.

A photo of her below;

For tips on how to grow your natural hair, click on this link.

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