gather the most interesting and astonishing photos of Abuja and its residents that were recently shared by tourists and locals on Instagram.

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1. Refreshing morning in Abuja.

abuja photos 05

“Usually spend time outside at dawn, decided to do something different. Minus the influx of bugs, I liked it. Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend ahead.”

2. “Even in the loneliest of times, i want you to know that I’ll always be here for you, just like your shadow.”

abuja photos 01

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3. The National mosque

abuja photos 03

4. Boxing champ

abuja photos 04

5. “Happiness lies in you, the moment you choose to be happy, you shall.”

abuja photos 02

6. “The days come and go like the seasons come and go. Time is abstract, its in our minds, in our calendars.”

abuja photos 06

7. Aso rock in the background

abuja photos 07

8. The view is always amazing once you get to the top of the mountain.

abuja photos 09

9. “Do what makes you happy.”

abuja photos 10

10. Serving Nigeria #Abuja#NYSC


abuja photos 11

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