During the weekend I travelled to Calabar. I was so hungry that my next date was a fast food restaurant. I had waited for more than 30 minutes but no one was willing to sell. I confronted a cleaner who drew an attention of a young sales girl to me. She looked at me once or twice and blatantly refused to sell. Then I noticed a well dressed man came in and she flew in like a fly that discover a new wound.

I was curious to know why she did that but I noticed the man gave her 200 Naira after buying 2 meat pie and a coke. She smiled like someone who won a jackpot. Was that all? What can 200 Naira afford her these days? A tip is a peanut but hard work is a trip to success. Being a sales girl in a fast food restaurant is a ticket to owning your own eatery in the future.
A fine face is not appeasing to people again. Life is not a fairy tale. Be as fair as Snow White, people will think you are auditioning for a vampire movie. Play Cinderella and lose one of your “Bandolino” shoe, the Prince will not search for you. Only a mad man who is lucky would pick it.
Be a sleeping beauty for 40 years and when you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror if you are getting younger or older. Good Enough! Run to a thatch house in your village and hid like Princess Fiona, let’s see if Prince Charming would come and rescue you from poverty.
If you always try to impress one who gives a tip, you are getting nowhere. But if you work diligently like the guys with 5 and 2 talents, you will be put in charge of greater task. A sure way to success!
Model: Ini Edo
Mfon Etinah is our guest writer 

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