ibompeople.com is a real-time interactive social network that connects you to the wonderful people of Akwa Ibom State, Cross River State and friends of these states.
It also connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find awesome about these places and her people.
All you need do is find via search, the accounts you find most compelling and make a friend, find via search the group you find rich and Join and many more.
We see a far reaching cluster of Akwaibomites and Crossriverians, an idea that packages. Our culture for the world, using the world known social components. An idea that also bring together our peeps from all over the world together.We are currently working real hard to improve on and integrate so many other anticipated and unanticipated features that would certainly make this platform the best of a platform for you and many.

Ibompeople.com is an Akwaibom Born idea, developed and proudly supported by Great Akwaibomites and you!

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