Building The City/Industry

For some days I’ve been Languid and unenthusiastic about writing my thoughts here. Living in a city the has youths literate and illiterate has her highest inhabitants who do not have enough such of livelihood to keep them going.

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No existing Industries to absorb them as employment is only based on referrals and those that are hardworking yet not connected to the principalities and voices from the above delved into entrepreneurship, experimenting their inventive and innovative ideas to but still turning in circles because of the LOW CAPITAL and NO INVESTORS reality.

Everyone is a CEO (including me) of their brands, contesting for the manner that will sustain us till our dear “brighter tomorrow” comes hopefully, meeting us in our youthful age.

But, inasmuch as we are face with all these challenges, I strongly believe, COLLABORATION/PARTNERSHIP can be a way out where we the youths can help ourselves.

Me as a person and due to the nature of what I do, I’ll love to create a site and blog, start doing what my Bosses and Friends are doing but deep inside of me, I believe that will only make me adding to the numbers of the existing brands and probably struggle with their markets and clients which will INDIRECTLY make me a threat but I always try my best to come up with things that could be of help to us and not necessarily the other way round.

I want to see people come together irrespective of their brands but just to achieve a particular purpose.
Personally, I be had the experience of working voluntarily with other brands and I have also had the opportunity people working voluntarily and that always makes a whole lot of sense to me.

Collaboration and Partnership I hope to see in my city especially in the Entertainment Industry:

For example, I hope to see an Music Producer, Partner with an Artiste to record a great song and then a Photographer, Graphics Designer and Videographer being part of the team. Also having Online/Offline Publicist, Media Personnel and a Marketing Brand too being a part that.

If the above mentioned COLLABORATION/PARTNERSHIP, I guess it will give birth to something amazing in the Industry.

This is not only limited to the Entertainment Industry, others can apply it to because if we grin our individual corners, the City will grow the and we will feel good about.

COLLABORATION is the way up. Me as a person, I am good at BIRTHING and ADVERTISING Ideas but trust me, I’m so bad in MARKETING or Convincing someone to buy or invest in it. I hope to have someone to compliment my weakness and that’s why Business Oriented persons catches my fancy always.

I hope this will help.

I am Moses Umoh and I am OPEN to Fruitful COLLABORATIONS and a legal PARTNERSHIP.

E. I. M 2018©

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