A lot of people attribute being smart to just formal education environment, but being intelligent is something that will serve you in almost every aspect of your life.



Being smart means you solve problems faster, and grow better. There are a few things you can do to make yourself smarter. See them below;
Read more: If you want a well-developed brain, it is important for you to read. Reading opens you to a world of new possibilities and enhances creativity. It leads you to come up with new ideas and experience other people’s world view. Read something new as often as you can to exercise your brain and increase your intelligence.
Visit new places: When you visit a new place, you are providing your brain with an opportunity to adapt. New places also come with new experiences and these are great for having new things to talk about. Being able to share experiences as well as ideas makes you look and sound smart.
Have smart friends: You are who you associate with. If you associate with smart people, it will certainly rub off on you. Think about it, can you imagine a really dull person with genius as friends? Having conversations with, and spending time with smart people makes you smarter.
Attempt puzzles: A lot of research back this up. Finding time to do puzzles or play games that involve problem-solving are a great way to exercise your brain. You do not realize this while it happens, but spending time to problem-solve, even if it is through puzzles and games, will exercise the parts of your brain that solves problems in real life and improves your ability to do so.
Have arguments: It is important to have intelligent arguments when you can. During an argument, your brain works fast to come up with points, and this is great exercise. Also, arguing makes you more open-minded as you are able to hear someone else’s opinion, and even see the person’s point. It might cause you to learn a thing or two.
Take a class: You are never too old to get an education. If it is possible, take a class on something new. It could be a class on cooking or even music. The point is that you give yourself a chance to listen to an expert and assimilate new information.
Write: You do not have to be a writer for you to attempt writing. Even if it is penning your experiences, ideas or a story, writing boost your intelligence. You have to think to write, and you will be surprised at what you are capable of if you let your mind and brain roam free.
Nutritious diet: There are certain foods that are brain-boosters and others will only harm your body and mind. Try cutting out excess fat, sugar, and fast foods, and start adding more vegetables, fruit, and lean meats to give your brain the right foods it needs.
Watch the news:Have you noticed that smart people always have something intelligent to contribute when it comes to discussing current affairs? This is because smart people keep up with what is going on around them. They read/watch the news and they try to form an opinion based on this.

Improving your intelligence is a gradual process, but doing one thing a day and trying to learn as much as you can will help tremendously.

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