8 reasons why Justice League is better than The Avengers

One of the most heated debates between comic lovers is the battle between the two comic powerhouses, Marvel and DC.


The question of which has the better team,  between Marvel’s The Avengers and DC’s Justice League will long be subject to debates, but I will tell you now, that the Justice League is greater than The Avengers.


And I won’t give you just one reason, I’d give you 8.

1. Superman is… Superman: He’s not from Earth, so it’s very understandable that he’s as strong as he is. The boy from Krypton has no peer in the entire Avengers huddle, and the only thing that holds him back is his own morality. Ever got 90% in a test because you didn’t want to make the other class students feel bad if you got a 100%? No? Well that’s Superman for you.

The Man of Steel... looking down on all the puny people
The Man of Steel… looking down on all the puny people

2. Batman is the greatest super-hero ever: Yes you read that right. I’m a die-hard Batman fan, and I will tell you any day, any time, any place that Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, aka The Dark Knight, aka The Caped Crusader, aka Awa La Ni Gotham, is the greatest. Yes, he’s not as rich as Iron Man (who inherited his father’s embezzled billions. Call the damn EFCC), but what Iron Man has in wealth, Batman makes up for in sense and tactics and is unparalleled in physical combat.

The Greatest
The Greatest

3. The Hulk is lame: The Avenger’s strongest hero is by no-contest, The Hulk. Which is pathetic because The Hulk’s ONLY power is his brute force. No other super powers, no other skills. Just a mentally retarded green lump that understands only one word: “Smash.” Hell, he’s useless if he’s not angry. Just play an Adele song for him and you’ve won already.

Zeus hands out some godly beating to the Hulk
Zeus hands out some godly beating to the Hulk

4. The Martian Manhunter: Let’s leave aside the fact that his name is cool as shit. He’s well known by comic lovers, as he’s almost as powerful as Superman. In fact, Superman said, and I humbly quote: “He is the most powerful being on the face of the Earth.” He can pass through walls, morph into whatever creature he wants, and he’s telepathic. Thor would run from him with his hammer between his legs. (Not that hammer you filthy pervert)

The Man... Hunter.
The Man… Hunter.

5. First ladies: As much I love The Black Widow (mostly because she’s played by my love Scarlett Johannson in the movies), she’s nowhere near the Amazing Amazon, Queen Wonder Woman. Widow’s martial art skills and espionage training are not a match for Wondy’s speed and strength, and the lasso of truth is all Wonder Woman needs to whip her to submission.

Wonder Woman. Ohh mama!
Wonder Woman. Ohh mama!

6. The marksmen: The Justice League trumps The Avengers in this field too. Word to Hawkeye, he has his days, but Green Arrow is his daddy. Green Arrow is way, way richer (and ask an Igbo girl, money is everything), and will hit anything from anywhere. In The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, (A very old) Green Arrow, while hanging upside down from a ladder, shoots a Kryptonite arrow at Superman over 3 miles away. Not impressive enough? He did all this with only one hand. Greatness.

Green Arrow, old, handicapped and still amazing.
Green Arrow, old, handicapped and still amazing.

7. The Flash: I feel it’s mad disrespectful to compare Quiksilver to the Flash, so I’d just end it here.

Be it Barry Allen, Be it Wally West... It is speed.
Be it Barry Allen, Be it Wally West… It is speed.

8. Villains: It’s safe to (partially) judge superheroes by the kind of opposition they’re up against, and it’s safe to say the Justice League has some of the greatest villains ever imagined. From Darkseid, who can bend his eye lasers (this just beats the imagination), to the incredibly smart and evil Lex Luthor, to the twisted, psychopathic, extremely mental piece work called the Joker, you know the Justice League is putting in work. What is a Loki?

The Clown Prince of Crime himself. His royal highness, The Joker.
The Clown Prince of Crime himself. His royal highness, The Joker.


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