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  • The war of the man’s world and the struggle for gender equality is the major challenge this generation is facing. Lots of theories, articles has been made to arrest this situation but it seems managing and living with it by adjusting our philosophies to seeing life from the lenses of the opposite sex is the way forward.

The Pop Culture in Akwa Ibom got bigger when the Social Media became the uniting factor, putting more help to what the Tertiary Institutions did.
Facebook was a huge blessing as its ability to contact friends and family that were lost touch with each as well as servicing current friendships and also adding new friends to the existing ones.
Lots of negativity has been seen and observed both by the young men and women on the platform, nevertheless, there are those that are using it positively, affecting their society in good ways and even making a living from it and in Uyo which is a Facebook based community, we in E. I. M has spotted out 7 young ladies that has used the App to create relevance and become Thought Leaders and Pacesetters in their fields and made remarkable strides too.

Here are the ladies in no particular order:

Enwongo C. Cleopas (Barr.)
That name brings one thing to the mind of everyone and that is Justice and Fairness.
It is written in her that her bio states that she is “a woman on the front line, advocating for Justice, Fairness and Equality. She moves in love”.
Her wealth of knowledge is what many feeds from and her advocacy for women could be seen and heard in all that she is shares on her timeline.
Being a voice in her field, she always talks about ways of which this generation can build the a better world for the generation to come.
Her comic post also give a touch of variety to her personality as she has proven wrong the ideology that nudity gives attention to the female folks but she has over 27,000 followers on Facebook and has a minimum of 500 people (liking) sharing in her thoughts.

E. I. M value this woman and a fighter that defines Greatness.

Idara Adiakpan
Performing Arts is practically described by this woman of great strength, and passion for her profession can easily be seen has her never give up attitude is descriptive in all she does.
It is on record that she hosted the #LightUpTheStage which was had an A-list Nigerian Music Artiste #Simi in attendance.
The event was the first ever Live Stage Play which had Music Artiste and Comedian thrill the audience.
She is a Thespian who is currently serving our country and we hope to have her come and develop the Live Stage Play in the Akwa Ibom Entertainment Industry. E. I. M appreciates her.

Esther Umoh
The growth of the Poetry Industry in Akwa Ibom State has a strong support from this woman of substances
She is the chief lead at one of the leading Poetry Company in the State, Pendrops Poetry.
Last year, she had organized the biggest and most attended Poetry Event in the city of Uyo tagged #IbomPoetryDay which had over a thousand people in attendance and one of the biggest Event Hall in the City was filled to its capacity of which different Poets gave astonishing and mind blowing performances.

Today happens to be the Birthday of this woman this is giving the Poetry Industry in Akwa Ibom State new phase. We in E. I. M celebrates her for all that she is.

Aniebiet Francis
Apart from being active in the political circle the self claimed “Amazing Aniebiet Francis” is indeed a great Entertainer.
It could be recalled that last year, she organized a camp called the #OrangeBoothCamp. This camp was mainly for people who want to go into the Movie World of which Trainers, Instructors and Resource Persons who are prodigies in their fields came in to train in Uyo.
#TheList, which was the harvest from the Camp was premiered at the Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Center and two halls were sold out for the movie.
Information reaching us is that she is set for another camp and call for the camp was made as the adverts was running during the premiering of the movie (The List)

E. I. M celebrate her as she is in to redefine the Contemporary Motion play in the Akwa Ibom State Movie Industry.

Usimeke Usoroh
She made her way to the spotlight in the Music Scene as she was the second runner-up at Rising Star Competition. She has been active ever since in the Music Industry.
In 2017, “Toju” produced by Kemzy Kem The Chief Executive Officer of Deep Sounds Studio, was the hit of the moment that organically gained acceptance by all.
This song could be tagged the song of 2017 as the vibe its had sparked up new sound in the Music Industry.
In the past few months, she has been a bit silent after doing a releasing “Layè” that featured one of Uyo sensational rapper Ziben

E. I. M express their love to her as hyping her song gave birth to the company.

Favour Paul Eno
She needs know introduction as she is fondly referred to the female voice in Progress Effiong’s “Ama” and “Ima”.
She is also amongst Rising Star Big 5. As a solo Artiste, she has released a couple of singles like “Idima”etc.
Apart from Singing, she is also an extraordinary Spoken Word Artiste.

E. I. M celebrate this great voice of our generation.

Peace Prince
She has always been active in the Music Scene in Akwa Ibom State. Being part of the Rising STAR Gospel Africa Show and also part of Nectar Studios Competition this was held couple of years ago.
Her event #SoulGlow was a huge success as one of the halls in the Ibom Tropicana was filled to capacity and it was rate as one of the best and most attended shows in Uyo.

E. I. M appreciate her efforts and contribution to the growth of the Industry.


Social Media is one of the blessings of the 21 century because lots of great and beautiful things has been achieved with it inasmuch as the negative part are also visible.

There are many other young ladies doing great and amazing things in the Facebook Circle and we celebrate them as well and urge them to keep up with what they are doing as we will get to eulogies them soon.


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